Why Turkey

Why Turkey?
Turkey is fast to modernize and forms an essential link between Europe and the Middle East. Not only does it have much of history and mystery, but it got some good opportunities in the Turkish real estate world.
Key points in favor of buying Turkish real estate are:Low prices sometimes compared to Spanish villa prices in the 1980s
Low cost of living
Mediterranean climate of hot summers and gentle winters some of the best coastal scenery in Europe, especially in the southwest
Turkey has gained solid economic growth in recent years, which has helped to realize growing EU status. It has already been a customs union since 1996 and the accession country since 2005
Short flight times of European cities
Many flights to popular seaside resorts in winter and summer especially Antalya
Mortgage reforms scheduled for 2008 will offer for the first time mortgages at affordable rates. This milestone will move ‘open the market’ for Turkish and overseas real estate buyers and investors.
Turkey benefits from strong economic growth. In 2005, sixth in the world of GDP (gross domestic product) growth and economic growth for 2008 is estimated at 6%, looks good to achieve.


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