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Frequently asked questions (faq)

Q: Are there any restrictions on Belgians in Turkey?
A: Yes. They may not buy only in the countryside and military area. All our offers on our website have been approved.

Q: Can Belgian companies buy real estate in Turkey?
A: Yes. Belgian companies can buy real estate under their company name in Turkey. HolidayHome-Antalya can help you with this complicated process. We can also create a Turkish company for big investments under your company name.

Q: What documents / papers should I bring?
A: Your passport, 8 photos and 3,000 Euro as a deposit.

Q: Who determines the price of the property?
A: If you purchase a real estate on a new development, the price is determined by the developer. You pay the same price whether you go directly or through a third party.

Q: If I buy a house, can I pay it in Belgium?
A: Yes. Payments and contracts can be done by our partners at their offices.

Q: How can I reach your partners in Belgium?
A: Our partners have a busy agenda with hotel meetings, info nights and all real estate exchanges in Belgium. Follow our agenda. Maybe we are at your city soon.

Q: Can Belgians borrow money in Turkey?
A: You can borrow money from the Turkish banks. Look at financing opportunities in Turkey

Q: How does Tapu Evidence of Property look like?
A: The certificate of ownership becomes “Tapu” and all real estate transactions for the foreigners are done only through Land and Cadastre offices of the respective district where the property is located.

Q: Do I need a residence permit?
A: Belgians do not invite a residence permit to buy a house in Turkey.

Q: Why is real estate so cheap in Turkey?
A: The Turkish economy has just begun to mature, and inflation has fallen from 30% to a manageable 7% in recent years. A poor population, who still uses cash for purchases, has kept prices low, but they start to rise. This is partly due to the interest of foreign investors and also because the mortgage has begun to get more options for Turkish nationals. As the mortgage market becomes more competitive, it opens the door to foreign buyers and prices will continue to rise. more why Turkey?

Q: What is the common cost per month in general?
A: These range from development to development. HolidayHome-Antalya Construction & Brokers informs you before buying.

Q: On a new development, what is the average to pay?
A: You will normally pay 3000 euros (approx.) Reservation fee and 30% as a deposit within four weeks. Most developers often offer flexible payments for your personal circumstances. This will be determined at the time of purchase.

Q: How is buying a house in Turkey?
A: After payment of the reservation fee, HolidayHome-Antalya perform the property deeds checks. A contract is drawn up between the seller and the buyer. There is the details of the payment, execution period and terms and conditions. When this is signed by all parties, the guarantee is paid. We will send your papers to Military Approval – this will take about 3 months. You can give us a proxy of all the necessary paperwork, we will provide the rest for you. More about buying in Turkey …

Q: Are there Flemish advocates in Turkey?
A: Yes. There are English speaking lawyers in Antalya. We can arrange your arrangements for you if you wish.

Q: Who cares for my home when I’m not in Turkey?
A: HolidayHome-Antalya offers “Holiday Package Package” in Antalya, Belek and Kemer.

Q: What are the cost of buying real estate in Turkey?
A: All costs associated with the purchase of real estate are explained here.

Q: How much is property tax each year?
A: It depends on how much m2. Average house annual tax is about 70 Euro.

Q: Can I rent my house?
A: Yes. Main season from April to October, but you must be able to rent during the winter months at lower rental rates.

Q: What about viewing?
A: We arrange sightseeing trip only for 200 € from Belgium.

Q: How about setting up my property?
A: Many developers offer device packages. Alternatively, there is a wide range of furniture stores for you to explore. We can help you with some furniture stores.

Q: How does the overall cost of living compare with Belgium?
A: Fresh fruits and vegetables are great value for money. You will find most points up to 50% cheaper than in Belgium.