Power of attorney upon purchase

Power of attorney to buy property in Turkey

HolidayHome-Antalya Construction & Brokers advises our clients to give the agency or the lawyer or legal advisor the power of attorney to facilitate the procedure; obtaining tax number, military approval and following necessary items of Tapu (Proof of Ownership) at Tapu & Cadastre Registration Office.

The “Power of Attorney” takes about two hours and must be performed at the Notary Office in Turkey. Our advisors will provide the necessary assistance.

The advantage of giving a power of attorney is that you do not have to come to Turkey several times when dealing with all the paperwork that requires the buying process.

The “Power of Attorney” tells us whether a legal adviser gives “non” right property to us or the legal advisor to name. All procedures are performed under your name. Your name and photo will be recorded on the Tapu.