Turkey buying procedure

When you decide to buy real estate, it is advisable to open a bank account on the spot.
The staff of HolidayHome Antalya can assist you with this.

The buyer then gives a “power of attorney” to an advisor of HolidayHome Antalya, authorizing them to provide all purchase formalities as well as to provide the “purchase services” (electricity / telephone etc) mail. This proxy usually includes the authorization to buy and register the property in the name of the buyer, the “completion report” the official registration of water and electricity meters, property insurance, property registration with the municipal authorities and the payment of mandatory local taxes, etc.

It is advisable that the parties involved (the seller and / or the developer and the buyer) sign a “Sales Contract”. Such an agreement causes the seller to promise to sell the property solely to the purchaser under the terms of the agreement. This document thus provides the necessary legal certainty and contains all personal information of the seller and the buyer, details and value of the property, payment terms, date of the contract, special conditions, etc.


Koopkontract Holidayhome Antalya 

In order to be protected as a foreign buyer, it is advisable to ask for certain legal certainties such as bank guarantees, mortgage fees, etc. Since the issuance of a bank guarantee involves costs, the “Senet” is used in practice. The senet is a personal blame, immediately recoverable and is often used in Turkey as proof of payment.

As previously mentioned, a purchase transfer is valid from the moment it is registered with the Tapau Office. Here is the first investigation of the competent military headquarters (Ege Ordu Kom.). If necessary, the necessary administration can be done by Antalya Homes and at the cost of the buyer.

As soon as the permission is obtained, the owner / developer and the buyer (or their legal representatives) will go to the Land Registration Office, thus transferring the Tapu to the buyer’s name. The purchase agreement or transfer always takes place in the presence of an official of the Tapuk Office.