Buying land in Turkey

How do you buy a lot in Turkey as a Belgian or Dutchman?


Building legitimate countries are more commercial real estate investments in Turkey. They are called “Arsa” in Turkish. The land buyers are two types, investors and construction companies. In cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya, as a landowner, the real estate agents say that their land is for sale, it usually takes 2-3 months to sell the land if the price is at the market value.


Landowners are mostly local people in Turkey. Most of them are not in construction or construction company and they only have one or a few countries for sale. They want to get the most money at once. As a Belgian or Dutchman, you must obtain military permission under the Turkish Property Law. It is not allowed for Belgians and Dutch to buy a property near the military zones. Permission and sales process usually takes 5 weeks. For Turkish real estate buyers, this time is generally 2-3 days.
The Cons of Belgian and Dutch Land Buyers:


– “Finding land offers” It’s hard to find the right grounds on the internet. Most of the ads are old dated which gives incorrect information.


– “act quickly”. As a Belgian and Dutch citizen, finding a land for sale, most times their money is outside of Turkey. It takes a few days to bring in Turkey.


– “Unreliable landowners”. It’s almost impossible to convince the land owner some money and wait for 1.5 months. We have noticed several times immoral behavior from the sellers. For example: On the ground owner still sell some money and agreed to sell for 500,000 euros. After tapu application, we heard that he was trying to buy the country we sell for 600,000 Euro through other brokers. We are in the bag and he tries to get more.


– “high prices”. It is not only the foreigners problem for Turkish buyers it is a big problem. It’s very hard that you find the land owner. You usually reach them through a broker. It is very normal to share their property between the real estate agents. Each broker puts 10% to 50% on the price. You can not know exact selling price, if there is more than one broker.
How Can You Build Your Home Project In Turkey?


There are different types of building permission on the grounds are available in Turkey; high-rise, low-rise, commercial areas, partial commercial and partial residential land. To determine the price of the land, you need to know how many square meters you can build. Total construction square meters (m2) is your salesable area. Total building m2 is the most important point of pricing. Construction companies make the price calculation based on the salesable m2.


According to the new property right in Turkey, foreigners can not buy agricultural land. If he establishes an investment company in Turkey for agriculture, plant, industry or energy production, then welcome. Foreigners can buy only construction-approved land for investment. Building permits have been given by the municipality in Turkey for 5 years.


When a company established abroad or in the name of a foreign real person, you must agree to a condition and it is stated that you are by the Cadastre authorities; “I understand and accept that I’m preparing for real estate development and getting” building permit in 2 years time “and over the past 5 years, I’ll be done with the housing project.” In case you do not feature this property property project on time, the auction auction will be your development as it is. After they are sold, you will get the money back. It is strongly recommended for foreign buyers to prepare the money for the total investment amount.

Lot in Turkey

Our Advice for Foreign Land Buyers is:

– Contact a reliable broker to receive informed new land offers. Ask them to add them to their database as a construction site buyer.

– Provide your money presence in Turkey to act quickly.

– Establishment of an investment company to get your tapu fast on your account.

(After June 2013, it has also become possible for foreigners to buy the land as fast as Turkish residents. Each tapu will reveal which area is not allowed for foreigners and so it is unnecessary to request from the Military Headquarters )

– Directly negotiate with the seller with your broker. More brokers between you and the seller, the more you pay.
Our Work Style at Land Sale in Turkey

Your HolidayHome-Antalya Broker is the right partner for land investment in Turkey. We are able to work out your needs in a professional manner. Our clients apply:

• All offers online are up-to-date.
• We negotiate directly with the seller and the buyer. We do not accept any other parties.
• We work on secure and money-saving contracts when buying and building.
• We ask no more than the real price. We only require 2% of the buyer and 2% of the seller.