Additional costs

Additional costs by buying property in Turkey

Purchase transfer: Unlike most European countries, the registration of Tapu of transfer is not taken care of by a notary but by an official of the “Registration of Property” office. Legally the requirement is that both parties (buyer and seller) are present at this enrollment. It is possible to authorize another person to do this by official proxy. A notary is therefore not required in Turkey in the transfer of real estate. After registration and pass of the deed, you will receive a certificate of ownership (extract) called “Tapu”.

Cost of proxy: approximately € 140

Transfer tax: 4% of the value of the property, which is determined by the bureau of the “Tapu”. This will be paid at one of the bank at the time of passing the (transfer) instrument (the amount determined is lower than the actual value); cost about € 500 to 1,500 (depending on the declared amount of the property)

Tapu: Registration fee at the Tapu Bureau: approx. € 65

Cadastral costs: Once for the folder which has been sent to the Military Approval. € 120

The report of completion (Ferdi Iskan): From € 350 depending on size and location of the property.

Attorney fees

Attorney’s arbitration is 1% of the purchase price of the property minimum amount of 1,200 € + 18% VAT



Annual cost of real estate in Turkey:

Property tax (Emlak Vergisi): 0.1% of the value determined by the municipality. This “assessment” must be paid each time before the end of May each year.

Varies from 85 Euro to 200 Euro (depending on m2) Check the insurance page.

Home Care Package
Antalya Homes offers home care package in Antalya and Belek for 300 Euro.

For a new connection to the network via a meter: approx. € 100 (one time)
Idem, for an existing connection (name transfer): approx. € 30 (one time)
Cost per kWh: approx. € 0.10

Connection to the grid via a meter (new): approx. € 60 (one time)
Idem, for an existing connection: approx. € 30
Cost of drinking water per m3: approx. € 0.75

Country Phone
You can only become a telephone subscriber if you have a Turkish residence permit.
Cost connection: approx. € 4 (one time)
Cost per “tap”: approx. € 0.04 duration (per “tap” is about 60 seconds)
Cost subscription: approx. € 4